Our Audit Committee advises the ESRC Council and Chief Executive (as ESRC Accounting Officer), on the overall effectiveness of management procedures. It offers advice on items concerning risk, control and governance of the organisation and associated assurances.

The Committee receives and reviews audit reports, and monitors action taken as a result of the reports. It reviews and endorses the ESRC draft Annual Accounts, considers reports from the National Audit Office relating to the examination of ESRC's accounts and records, and reviews the management responses and action taken in relation to such reports.

The Committee normally comprises of three members of the ESRC Council and independent members recruited through open competition.

Committee membership

The committee is usually attended by representatives of the National Audit Office (NAO), the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) and the Professional Support Unit (PSU).

  • Ms Susan Penwarden (Chair), Aviva (current term ends October 2018)
  • Mr Stephen Aldridge, Department for Communities and Local Government (current term ends October 2018)
  • Ms Meryl Hayward, English Heritage (current term ends October 2018)
  • Mr John Headley, The University of Law (current terms ends October 2018)
  • Ms Karin Woodley, Cambridge House (current terms ends August 2018)