An overview of the senior management team at ESRC (correct at July 2017).


Director - Research and International (and Interim Chief Executive): Tony McEnery
Deputy Director - Research and International: Jeremy Neathey
Deputy Director - Business Improvement and Organisational Change: Fiona Armstrong
Deputy Director - Capability and Infrastructure: Ruth Gibson

Teams and strategic leads

  • Strategy - strategic lead: Andy Gibbs
    The Strategy team oversees strategic planning and reporting processes for the ESRC, manages the ESRC Council and Committees, provides the support function for the Chief Executive Office, and undertakes policy development projects for the ESRC
  • Communications - strategic lead: Jacky Clake
    The Communications team covers a wide range of functions including press, digital, social media, public affairs, events, publishing and public engagement. The team works in partnership with ESRC colleagues, RCUK, other research councils, funded researchers and stakeholders to maximise the impact of the research we fund. We strive to reach ESRC's audiences in innovative, engaging and cost-effective ways.
  • Business Improvement - strategic lead: Michelle Dodson
    The purpose of the Business Improvement Group is to enable the organisation to become more efficient, effective and resilient. Its focus is on capturing and embedding best practice; establishing new ways of working in grant funding; and supporting people and the organisation through transition and change. The group works with the other research councils, Innovate UK, BEIS and other partners, to support the delivery of the new Research and Innovation Funding Service and digital platform, along with other transformation programmes.
  • Data and Resources - strategic lead: Samantha McGregor
    The Data and Resources cluster manages investments and policies in the area of data infrastructure and data analysis. This includes investments made as part of the ESRC's Big Data Network, the UK Data Service, and major cross-sectional studies such as the European Social Survey and British Election Study. The cluster also has responsibility for the development of policy and partnership development in the area of data infrastructure.
  • Longitudinal Studies and Biosocial - strategic lead: Rebecca Fairbairn
    The Longitudinal Studies and Biosocial cluster builds, delivers and maintains the ESRC's portfolio of world leading longitudinal investments and focuses on building partnerships, skills and leadership capacity in the inter-disciplinary areas of biosocial and data for discovery. It directly connects to activities throughout our research and international teams. Our ambition is to secure the UK's position as a world leader in data collection, management and analysis, through seamlessly positioning social science expertise and resources across a breadth of disciplines, placing social science at the forefront of these emerging interdisciplinary areas.
  • Skills and Methods - strategic lead: Frances Burstow
    The Skills and Methods cluster manages investment and policies in the area of researcher skills development and methodological development and innovation. This includes the ESRC's Doctoral Training Network, support for early career researchers and major research methods investments such as the National Centre for Research Methods and the Applied Quantitative Methods Network.
  • Economic Performance and Environment - strategic lead: Sasha Leigh
    The Economic Performance and Environment team leads the development and commissioning of new research in the fields of economics and finance, management and business studies, productivity, climate change, environmental planning and sustainability, energy, transport and infrastructure. Our portfolio also includes the disciplines of economic history, human geography and science and technology studies. We work in collaboration and partnership with a wide range of external stakeholders and other research funders to maximise the impact of our investments.
  • Health and Human Behaviour - strategic lead: Joy Todd
    The Health and Human Behaviour team develops, commissions and manages research and KE activities in the areas of health, ageing, behaviour, wellbeing, education, and linguistics and processes standard grant applications in the disciplines of psychology, demography, education and linguistics.
  • International Development - strategic lead: Pam Mason
    The International Development team supports research and research related activities relevant to international development. It manages a large portfolio of collaborative programmes with the Department for International Development and other research councils. It also manages the disciplines of area and development studies and social anthropology.
  • International Strategy - strategic lead: Christina Rowley (acting lead: Lewis Preece)
    The International Strategy team leads on the development of ESRC's international strategy and establishes and maintains the international partnerships required to deliver the ESRC's strategic goals. The team is responsible for the embedding and integration of international activity across all of ESRC's programmes. We manage a portfolio of activities that engages funders and other partners from around the globe.
  • Society and Global Security - strategic lead: Vicki Crossley
    The Society and Global Security team develops and commissions research and knowledge exchange activity in the areas of social and political change, urbanisation, security and conflict, crime, migration and civil society, amongst others. Our work involves managing and maximising existing investment portfolios, scoping new research, and building partnerships with external stakeholders in the UK and internationally.
  • Innovation and Interdisciplinarity - strategic lead: Melanie Knetsch
    The Innovation and Interdisciplinary team has responsibility for challenge-led activities and ensuring that our research portfolio is more visible to potential users as well as creating opportunities to enable researchers from other communities to engage with social science.
  • Insights - strategic lead: Alex Hulkes
    The ESRC Insights team builds the organisational expertise needed to scope, gather, understand, share and act on evidence, and helps us to use evidence to inform decisions