Find out about the benefits of sharing learning, ideas and experiences

Business, civil society, public service organisations as well as individuals in these organisations can benefit by collaborative working with academic researchers. Through collaboration, partners can learn about each other's expertise, share knowledge and gain an appreciation of different professional cultures.

The benefits of such collaborative activities are greatest when considered before the start, and when built into a project, and shouldn’t be considered an add-on at the end of a project.

Business, civil society and public services can directly benefit through knowledge exchange and collaborative working with researchers by:

  • accessing experts and cutting edge research
  • accessing innovative ideas that could improve policy or practice
  • enhancing organisational creativity, performance and productivity

The ESRC provides a wide range of opportunities to engage with world leading social scientists and their work, including:

  • networking
  • collaboration and training
  • evidence and data.


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Opportunities for business


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Opportunities for public services

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Opportunities for civil society

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Opportunities for collaboration

Connected across the world

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Knowledge exchange

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Postgraduate collaboration


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