Knowledge exchange is a two-way process where social scientists and individuals or organisations share learning, ideas and experiences. We are committed to knowledge exchange and encouraging collaboration between researchers and business, public and civil society. By creating a dialogue between these communities, knowledge exchange helps research to influence policy and practice.

We build partnerships and work collaboratively in a range of ways. Examples of our collaborative activity include:

  • developing strategic partnerships with organisations to ensure we maximise the impact of our activities
  • working with partner organisations to develop and fund major research and capacity building initiatives
  • supporting initiatives to foster direct collaboration between social scientists and other individuals and organisations.

Funding for knowledge exchange and collaboration

We provide a range of funding opportunities and activities to support collaborative working and knowledge exchange activity:

Knowledge exchange guidance

Knowledge exchange and the social sciences

This report by the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge analyses the knowledge exchange and external interactions of social science academics in the UK between 2012-2015.  It also breaks down activities by academic position/seniority, gender, age and research motivations as well as the extent to which knowledge exchange activities are carried out within or outside of the university’s region.