Administrative Data Research Centres 2013 (closed 4 July)

Following the publication of the Administrative Data Taskforce (ADT) report Improving Access for Research and Policy (PDF, 1.1Mb) and the additional Technical Report (see attachment), the ESRC is inviting proposals for four Administrative Data Research Centres 2013.

The Administrative Data Research Centres will be part of the Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN) - a partnership between government departments, research funders, national statistical authorities, and the research community that will reach across the UK to facilitate research based upon linked, routinely collected administrative data. This call is for four Administrative Data Research Centres (ADRCs), one each in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales, and is being commissioned in parallel to a new Administrative Data Service - the information and coordinating body. Combined, this new data resource will help position the UK at the forefront of research based on linked administrative data.

For full details please see the call specification.

For a five-year period, the budgets for each ADRC application will be a maximum of £10 million and a minimum of £4 million, dependent partly on how much bids are built around existing resources. It is expected that the value of proposals will vary within this range. Costs should be calculated on a full economic costs (fEC) basis. As per standard funding rules, the ESRC will contribute 80 per cent of the total budget.

Full proposals where to be submitted via the Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S) by 16.00, 4 July 2013. This call is now closed.

Je-S Clarifications

  • maximum and minimum budgets are at the research council funding level (80 per cent fEC)
  • the guidance on page 6 of the Je-S guidance notes (UK co-investigators in civil society or government bodies) on the proportion of the grants that can be allocated to civil society/government department, does not apply in the case of the NSAs. Please seek guidance from the ESRC if there are other third parties for which costs will exceed 30 per cent.
  • although NSA are partners in each of the ADRCs, we are not requiring them to be named as co-investigators. The NSA should be entered as a project partner (page 10 of Je-S guidance) however we do not require a letter of support to be provided with the application. The annex on the role of that NSA will act in that capacity and will be attached by the ESRC on receipt of the application
  • any additional technical detail can be provided as an additional annex but it must be referred to in the Case for Support and must provide relevant detail of use in the review and decision making processes for the application
  • Final/interim reports are required as per the guidance on page 13 of AD Service or page 14 of ADRCs. However these should be concise and not exceed 3 pages per project - 1 page per project is acceptable
  • the letter of support must be attached from the Vice Chancellor (or equivalent) of the Principal Investigator and the Co-Investigators' institutions.

How to make an application

Applications must be made via the Research Council Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S). All applications must be costed and approved by the relevant institutional authority at the proposed host research organisation.

Supporting documents


Enquiries relating to the funding rules and commissioning process should be addressed to:

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