Research projects

The scheme has a current portfolio of 126 research grants:

  • 46 research grants from the three calls of Phase 1
  • 55 research grants from the three calls of Phase 2
  • 14 research grants from the first call of Phase 3
  • 7 Development Frontiers research grants
  • 3 Impact Maximisation grants
  • 1 Emerging Opportunities grant

Grants under this scheme are led by research organisations from the UK and overseas.

Research projects by theme

Phase 1

The following awards were funded under phase 1 of the ESRC-DFID joint scheme for international development (poverty alleviation) between 2006 and 2008. Each project addresses issues relating to economic, social and political development in less developed countries with the potential for impact on policy and practice for poverty reduction and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

You can browse the phase 1 projects by MDG theme:

Phase 2

In response to an independent evaluation of Phase 1 of the scheme, three themes were introduced to each call in Phase 2. These themes were identified through consultation with the scheme's International Advisory Committee and were designed to encourage a significant contribution to understanding in specific areas. Researchers were also welcome to apply for funding under the overarching Poverty Alleviation theme.

The projects awarded under phase 2 can be viewed by highlight area:

Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research invited researchers to respond to three overarching questions while incorporating consideration of cross-cutting themes - structural inequalities, and measurement and metrics.