Advanced training

When the new Doctoral Training Centre Network was introduced in 2010 it was envisaged that the new DTCs would provide a national network for the advanced training of social science postgraduates, both for students within the DTC network and for those outside. It was envisaged that the DTCs would open up their advanced training for students outside of their DTC with additional funding, provided by ESRC, to facilitate this and to provide bursaries for students.

As the Independent Evaluation of the DTC Network highlighted, while there has been strong support for the concept, unfortunately this has not been achieved in practice. This is due to a combination of different factors. Having reviewed the matter carefully and considered the resources required to effectively deliver an advanced training network, and in recognition of the broader role the National Centre for Research Methods now plays in identifying and fulfilling training needs across the social science community, (including PGRs) we have taken the decision that we will no longer require DTCs to open up their advanced training. 

Projects commissioned under the Advanced Training Initiative in 2014 will continue, with bursaries available to support student’s participation:

Each Advanced Training Initiative award includes funding to allow a number of postgraduate research students from other institutions, including students not funded by ESRC, to attend the course. Further information about the individual courses, can be found on the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) Training and Events Database.