We provide funding for knowledge exchange activities through Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). IAAs are block awards made to research organisations to accelerate the impact of research.

Allocation of funds is based on the size of research organisations' recent ESRC research funding history and the strength of the institutional IAA business plan. Tried and tested by the ESRC and other Research Councils, IAAs allow research organisations to respond to knowledge exchange opportunities in more flexible, responsive and creative ways than centrally administered schemes.

Key areas

The IAA funding is being used flexibly and rapidly to support the following key areas:

  • Building relationships and networks with potential users of research to facilitate co-production of knowledge and maximise impact
  • Movement and secondment of people between research organisations and user stakeholders
  • Support for researchers to build networks with potential users of the products of their research, and further work to establish ‘proof of concept’ for their innovations
  • Drive culture change in research organisations to promote knowledge exchange and improve related skill sets and capabilities
  • Improve engagement with the public sector, civil society, industry (including SMEs, local business and Innovate UK) and publics.

The support from IAAs will enable Research Organisations to provide funding for knowledge exchange (KE) activities in ways that best suit their institutional strategies and opportunities. This funding is complementary to other routes of funding, such as Pathways to Impact, which will remain the primary mechanism through which we expect opportunities for KE and impact from our research to be funded.

Research organisations that have been awarded IAAs

IAAs have been awarded to the 24 research organisations listed below. Partners interested in accessing and developing opportunities available through IAAs should approach these organisations directly.

Research organisation-funded IAA

In November 2015, Leeds Social Sciences Institute launched a University of Leeds-funded Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), which was developed in association with the ESRC.