Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia (Colciencias) are pleased to announce the Newton RCUK-Colciencias Research Partnerships call 2017.

This initiative will provide funding for internationally competitive, transformative and high-quality collaborative research projects which address a broad range of areas related to post-conflict transitions in Colombia under three main themes: participation and inclusion, working towards reconciliation, and education for peacebuilding.

This call aims to bring together researchers from Colombia and the UK, as well as civil society practitioners and public sector stakeholders in order to allow the pursuit of shared research interests. Research proposals should be focused on research that will benefit the Colombian nation in general and at least one of the 170 municipalities targeted under the Development Programs with a Regional Focus (PDET) in particular.

The Newton Fund requires that the UK funding is awarded in a manner that fits with ODA guidelines. All applications under this call must therefore be compliant with Official Development Assistance (ODA) guidance (external PDF) and demonstrate this compliance within the written proposal.

Consortia should consider how their proposal makes the best use of available expertise in the UK and Colombia, the added value of collaboration and how the proposal will meet the ODA requirements of this Newton Fund activity.

Application process

Research proposals should be jointly developed but UK and Colombian applicants must apply separately for funding. On the UK side, proposals must be submitted by the UK Research Organisation using the Research Councils’ Joint Electronic Submission system (Je-S).

Please refer to the RCUK Newton website for full call details.

The call deadline is 16:00 (UK time) / 11:00 (Colombia time) on 30 November 2017. The call will close in the Je-S system at 16:00 and it will no longer be possible to submit an application after this time.

On the Colombian side, applicants should apply via Colciencias’ institutional portal.

Online networking database

RCUK and Colciencias will be publishing information about potential applicants in an online networking database, on their respective call webpages. The database aims to put UK and Colombian applicants in touch with applicants in the other country, to encourage new collaborations.

If you are interested in finding a partner for this call please send an email to, giving:

  • your full name including title
  • institution
  • country
  • short description of research interests
  • short description of collaboration being sought for this call
  • short biography/link to webpage
  • contact email.

This is not compulsory. You only need to send in this information if you are seeking a partner for this call. Please note that this information will be published on the call webpages and by submitting this information you are giving consent for this information to be published.

Please note RCUK and Colciencias will not select a partner for you. It is up to applicants to find a partner using the information provided in the database.