This call is now closed. The following is for information only.

The Sustainable Urban Global Initiative (SUGI) / Food-Water-Energy (FWE) Nexus is a call jointly established by the Belmont Forum and the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe. The call aims to develop more resilient and applied urban solutions that bring inter- and transdisciplinary research and innovation together from across the globe, to benefit a much wider range of stakeholders including cities, civil society and business. The rapid urbanisation of the world’s population underscores the importance of this focus.

Projects resulting from this call should address one or more of the following topics:

  • Robust knowledge, indicators and assessments
  • Multi-level governance and management
  • Managing strategies and solutions.

Please consult the main call guidance (external PDF) for further information.

Application process

A two-stage commissioning procedure will be adopted for the assessment of the SUGI proposals. The first stage invites consortia to submit pre-proposals. The shortlisted consortia will be invited to submit a full proposal. The pre and full stage proposals will be assessed by an Expert Panel comprised of international experts nominated by all funding agencies.

The call will be administered via the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) Electronic Submissions System. However, the UK components of the proposals that are successful at the full application stage will be administered by the ESRC on behalf of UK Funding Agencies, via the electronic application system.

UK applicants on the international consortia are expected to meet the criteria outlined in the SUGI/FWE Nexus UK guidance document included below along with an FAQ document.

The call for pre-proposals will close at 18.00 (UTC) on 15 March 2017.


The total available budget for this call is approx. €28.5 million, including support from the European Commission through Horizon 2020. Funds will be used to support as many high quality projects as possible. Each national/regional funding agency will provide funds directly to their eligible investigators in accordance to the agencies' rules and regulations. The UK budget and common funding pot for this call is £1.6 million (approximately €1.7 million), and it is anticipated that six to seven projects will be funded with UK components. Please note that the maximum amount available for UK component on a proposal is €300,000 (full Economic Cost).

Call documents

Change to call specification (3 March 2017)

The call text for the SUGI/FWE Nexus call has been amended, as South Africa and Australia have withdrawn as participants for the call. The new call text is available on the Urban Europe website (below).