This call is now closed. The following is for information only.

The ESRC and the Welsh Government are pleased to invite proposals for a Wales Centre for Public Policy. The centre will have two distinct but complementary roles bringing together the ministerial expert advice function currently provided by the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) with the functions of a newly established What Works Centre, to be known as What Works Wales. 

The centre and its component parts will be established from October 2017 and run until September 2022, subject to a satisfactory interim review.

Proposals with a value of up to £6.1 million (at 100 per cent fEC) may be submitted for a period of 60 months. As per standard funding rules, the partners will contribute 80 per cent of the total fEC budget. Applications are welcome from higher education institutions and independent research organisations eligible to receive ESRC funding in the UK, either individually or in consortia.  Lead institutions and organisations may also wish to establish broader strategic partnerships with other bodies in the public, private and third/civil society sectors.

Full proposals must be submitted via the Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S) by 16.00 on 16 March 2017. All applications must be costed and approved by the relevant institutional authority at the proposed host research organisation.

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