Associated studentships, formerly known as grant-linked studentships, are designed to add value to the proposed research outlined in the grant proposal, whilst providing a clear opportunity for a distinct and independent course of enquiry for the student.

Through being embedded with a high quality research team, they should offer the student an opportunity to both develop their substantive research skills, alongside broader professional development.

Associated studentships can only be requested where specifically stated in the call guidance as long as:

  • the grant applied for is for three years or more
  • the principal or co-investigators are approved to act as primary supervisors for PhD students and are based within an accredited Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) 
  • the student(s) will be located in an ESRC-accredited Doctoral Training Centre and they are studying on an accredited pathway.

Associated studentships cannot be requested on proposals submitted to our responsive mode research grant scheme.

Up to three studentships can be applied for on any single grant proposal. It must also be noted that the studentship is not a displacement for the normal research support required on the grant. The student must have a distinct, independent area of enquiry that will add value to the overall research objectives of the grant.

The main research grant project should still be viable without the studentship and should have distinct objectives that are not reliant upon the studentship.