The research organisation must contact ESRC if:

  • a review by the research ethics committee (REC) shows that a project requires major changes which will alter it substantially and the project can no longer retain ESRC support. In such instances, payments may be suspended and the grant terminated (see Grant Condition GC 5 of the Research Funding Guide)
  • the REC withdraws its support following ongoing review and monitoring and recommends that the research is suspended or discontinued. We reserve the right to recoup grant funding in extreme cases of ethics and research misconduct, pending further investigation.
  • allegations of research misconduct against individuals receiving ESRC funding are upheld or where sanctions have been imposed by the research organisation (see Grant Condition GC 2 of the Research Funding Guide, and the RCUK policy and guidelines on governance of good research conduct).
  • an ethics review is required at a later stage in the project to agree funding arrangements. On such occasions, we may amend the grant’s payment profile (see Grant Condition GC 3 of the Research Funding Guide). 

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