Our Research Funding Guide sets out our funding rules.

The guide covers:

  • the type of funding opportunities we offer
  • eligibility for funding
  • evaluation
  • how to apply
  • the costs that grants cover
  • how proposals are assessed
  • what happens successful proposals
  • grant terms and conditions.

Latest edition of the Research Funding Guide (2016)

This edition includes updated links following the relaunch of the ESRC website in September.

Previous edition of the Research Funding Guide (2002)

Grants issued on applications submitted up to 31 July 2005 were issued under the January 2002 Research Funding Guide rules.

The 2002 guide also applies to any grants funded under pre-fEC rules prior to 1 November 2009. However, please refer to the latest edition of the guide (above) regarding changes to final reporting requirements for awards ending after 1 November 2009.