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Meeting the climate challenge

30 November 2015 News

The COP21 (Conference of the Parties) conference on climate change is underway in Paris. We fund a range of climate-related research, looking at how society can adapt to a warmer climate and limit the impact.

Migration policy and high-skilled migrants

30 November 2015 Evidence briefings

Research findings suggest a migration policy ‘balloon effect’, where squeezing it at one end (restricting the number of non-EEA high-skilled workers) lead to an increased size at the other (inflating the number of EEA high-skilled workers).

Unauthorised migration to the EU

30 November 2015 Evidence briefings

Framing the migration ‘crisis’ as a recent phenomenon ignores the longer-standing history of precarious migration to the EU across the Mediterranean. To be effective, policy interventions need to be co-ordinated regionally, and global in their outlook.