Privatised rail: public profit or public loss?

The privatised rail system relies upon hidden public subsidies and has failed to bring in private investment, according to a CRESC report.
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Same-sex partnerships: commitment above rights

Same sex couple
Research suggests that same-sex couples wish to formalise their relationship to primarily express commitment, over legal 'rights' and protections.
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Rethinking pensions

Old couple in park
A third of people approaching retirement do not know how much income they will receive from their private pensions, according to IFS research.
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A better life with dementia

People with dementia can still make decisions in their everyday lives - and with support from partners continue to do so as their condition advances.
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Reforming the Portuguese VAT system

Euro coin
Recommendations by Professor Rita de la Feria led to reforms in Portugal's 2012 State Budget - and savings of 1.2 per cent GDP.
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Torture by any other name

Western states prefer to define torture legally rather than on ethical terms, to avoid moral and political responsibility, according to research.

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