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Opportunities afforded by the outdoors for alternative pedagogies as children move from Foundation Stage to Year 1

  • Start date: 05 January 2009
  • End date: 04 May 2011

What is it like to be a child aged 5 or 6 moving from Foundation Stage to Year 1? The aim of this research will consider ways in which children are given opportunities to shape their learning in outdoor environments over this key period in their foundation and primary schooling.

Our research concerns outdoor contexts for learning and explores the different ways that teachers might teach in external environments and the ways in which children (aged 4-6 years) learn from the pedagogical processes occurring outdoors. Undertaking observations and interviews the study has two main aims; firstly to explore what teaching and learning in outdoor contexts in the Foundation Stage (FS) and year 1 of primary school are like and how they come about; and secondly, to understand how interactions between teacher, child and place might help children make a successful move between these educational stages.

Fundamentally the study will look to identify how changes in learning objectives between the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 may influence teaching and learning practices and how place, in particular outdoor contexts, may interact with staff and children to construct ways of teaching and learning.