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The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the UK Press, 1998-2008

This project will look at the representation of Muslims and Islam in British newspapers from 1998-2008. In doing so it will use corpus based Critical Discourse Analysis (Baker et al, 2008).

The following research questions will be addressed:

  1. What differences exist between the ways that British newspapers (individually and collectively) use language to represent Muslims and Islam? Specifically, what grammatical and lexical patterns are evident (eg collocations, keywords, clusters, subject-object relations and metaphors).
  2. In what ways have UK newspaper representations of Muslims/Islam changed between 1998 and 2008?
  3. Are Muslims treated as a homogeneous group by the UK press? If not, what sub-groups are constructed and how are they represented?
  4. To what extent is Islam treated only as a religion; are Muslims treated only as (a) religious group(s)?
  5. How can the findings in 1-4 be explained and what recommendations could be made for 'best practice' regarding representation of Muslims/Islam in the UK press?

In terms of methodology, the main objective is to further evaluate and refine the methodological framework and tools used and developed in previous related studies using corpus based CDA.