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Motor-visual priming in change-blindness

A substantial change between two otherwise identical pictures that flick back and forth can go unnoticed for several seconds when accompanied by some form of visual disruption. This ‘change-blindness’ challenges the impression we have of seeing everything around us.  Indeed, it is possible that we are primarily aware of objects in the world that we intend to act upon in some way. We have recently demonstrated a reduction of change-blindness when a hand grasp was previously prepared that was appropriate for grasping the changing object.

This grant aims to systematically investigate this motor-visual priming effect in an attempt to better understand the mechanisms by which action can affect perception. Specifically we shall examine the nature of

  • The change (changes will manipulate object identity, location, colour, orientation, presence)
  • The change-object (objects will vary in their visual and semantic relevance to action)
  • The scene (scene structure will vary from different sized arrays of objects to naturalistic scenes with regions of central and marginal interest)
  • The prepared action (prepared actions will vary, with and without the use of peripheral response devices). In addition, we aim to investigate the conditions under which action preparation might impair perception.