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Dynamics and the Design of Social Policies

Most analysis of social policies and taxation is based on comparing alternative situations at a fixed point in time.  But this is a limited perspective: policy is often best understood as a changing process, not as a fixed package.  Wherever people's entitlements to services or benefits or their liability to tax depend on their circumstances, similar questions have to be addressed: not just which circumstances, but also over what time period and remaining in place for how long?

This fellowship will carry out a programme of research that explores questions about the ways in which social policies react - or do not react - to changes in people's circumstances.  Areas to be covered include: the design of social security benefits and tax credits; "welfare to work" and employment policies; income tax and national insurance contributions; social housing and other support for people's housing; support for children from both state and absent parents; patterns of saving for retirement; paying for long-term care; and inheritance.

As well as examination of each specific policy area, the research will bring the findings together within a single framework, comparing current British practice with examples from other countries, and drawing out implications for how future policy might develop.

Further information

Project contact: Professor John Hills, London School of Economics

ESRC contact: Chris Wyatt


Recipient: John Hills Date: 26 July 2013 Degree/other honour