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Rescaling Europe. Territories, Representation and Public Policy

There are three parts to this project:

  1. To produce a monograph on spatial rescaling in Europe. This will explore the phenomenon from an interdisciplinary perspective, analysing five dimensions: historical; functional; political; institutional and normative.

  2. An examination of the territorialisation of interest representation in Europe in response to functional rescaling and constitutional decentralisation, focusing on the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany.

    The key dimensions here are devolution as boundary-building; institutional change; the interaction of territory and function in definition and representation of interests; and the emergence of territorial policy communities.

    There are three possible outcomes: One is no change, as old functional divisions predominate and policy communities remain national. A second is fragmentation of policy communities and inter-sectoral linkages as functions are taken upwards and downwards. Partial exit occurs as some groups delink themselves from others and venue-shop for favourable treatment. A third is the 'new regionalist' scenario, in which new policy systems and communities are constituted at the new spatial level.

  3. The third part involves working with practitioners in Scotland and the other devolved territories to improve academic-practitioner exchanges and collaboration in public policy.

Further information

Project contact: Professor Michael Keating, University of Aberdeen

ESRC contact: Rachael Tyrrell