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An examination of the impact of family socio-economic status on outcomes in late childhood and adolescence.

This project seeks to bring together a team derived from medical, psychiatric and social science backgrounds to explore the wealth of medical, behavioural, educational and socio-economic data being generated for a birth cohort of school age children. Our primary focus is the behaviours and outcomes of individuals in late childhood and adolescence, including their physical and mental health, risky behaviours, school performance.

Our aims are to:

  • To chart the relationship of these outcomes with socio-economic status of the family of origin of a large population based sample of young people currently living in the UK.
  • To understand the complementarities between different aspects of children’s and adolescent’s lives at one point of time and across time, examining lives from birth to adolescence.
  • To examine the antecedence of these outcomes in earlier children outcome measures and study the pathways by which socio-economic status of parents affects outcomes for their children.
  • To undertake methodological innovation in the analysis of large scale survey data.

The research will primarily focus on analysis of the ALSPAC (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children) data, which is a rich set of data has been collected from children (and their parents) at high frequencies.

Further information

Contact: Prof Paul Gregg

ESRC contact: Heath Bampton