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Peterborough Adolescent and Young Adult Development Study (PADS+)

The role of the social environment is probably one of the least well understood aspects of crime causation. The overall aim of PADS+ is to contribute to a better understanding of the causes and prevention of young people's crime involvement by studying (i) the interaction between individual characteristics and experiences and the features of the social environments in which young people develop and act, and (ii) how these interactions change and shape criminal involvement over two critical developmental phases; adolescence and the transition into young adulthood.

PADS+ is a longitudinal study that follows a cohort of 700 young people from Peterborough enrolled in the study at age 12 (2003). A particular aim of PADS+ is to develop new theory (Situational Action Theory) and new methods (Ecometrics combined with Space-Time Budgets) to improve the study of young people's offending and its changes. An important additional aim is to analyse the findings from the study as regards their implications for improving crime policy and crime prevention.

Further information

PADS+ contact: Professor Per-Olof Wikstrom, University of Cambridge

ESRC contact: Chris Wyatt

PADS+ website: