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Social and Environmental Economic Research (SEER) into Multi-Objective Land Use Decision Making

The research examines the role of the natural environment, markets and policy within the determination of land use. It then examines the true value of land use both in terms of its market value (which clearly motivates land users to maintain or change land use) and its wider social value. As part of the latter we examine the various ecosystem services to society which are generated by the environment.

The research proceeds through a number of integrated work packages as follows:

  1. Develop a spatially sensitive model of rural land use.
  2. Examine the full set of drivers of land use. 
  3. Assess the consequences of policy or market change. 
  4. Incorporate climate change issues within the modelling process.
  5. Incorporate water environment issues within the modelling process.
  6. Relate land use to its biodiversity impact.
  7. Relate land use change to improvements in access to outdoor recreational areas.
  8. Ensure that all analyses are transferable across different parts of the country and incorporates temporal effects and feedbacks. 
  9. Assess the trade-offs involved in new patterns of land use. 
  10. Improve communication, engagement, dissemination and uptake.

Further information

SEER contact: Professor Ian Julian Bateman, University of East Anglia

ESRC contact: Teresa Tucker