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Moving in My World: An Investigation into Young People's Embodiment and its Impact on Participation in Physical Activity

This research aims to investigate youths' embodiments of gender, social class and race in relation to issues of size, shape and muscularity, and the ways in which such embodiments are expressed in their participation or lack participation in school physical activity.  To address this purpose, the researcher will employ a qualitative ethnography design using a critical visual methodology, as it offers useful tools for exploring the complex ways young people think about, make sense of, and construct their physicality in their school communities.  The researcher’s adoption of a visual "enabling" methodology to examine young people’s representations and narratives of the body will empower them to meaningfully express their experiences, thoughts, and identities, and the ways their experiences shape their physicality.  The participants in this research will be students in state-funded inner-city secondary schools in the Midlands region of the UK.  Data will be collected from multiple sources: field notes, formal and informal interviews, and student participants' visual diaries of their body experiences.  By creating visual diaries, entitled Moving in My World, participants will aim to represent themselves and their experiences of school physical activity, shedding light on their subjective experiences of their bodies.