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The individual in the group: Social identity and the dynamics of change

In today's world, identities are increasingly in flux. Organisations, communities, and families are more fluid now than ever before, and the redefinition of established social identities and the development of new ones contributes to increasing anxiety about social alienation and the fragmentation of society. This project's twin aim is (a) to increase understanding of the processes of identity change, and (b) to explore the relationship between these processes and individual and group well-being. It will do this through three inter-related streams of research building on the combined expertise of social psychologists and clinical and cognitive neuropsychologists. Stream 1 systematically examines basic processes and dynamics within groups, exploring the conditions that encourage and support change within groups. Stream 2 focuses on how these basic processes play out in organisational settings examining the role of social identity in organisational change and in relation to workplace stress. Stream 3 focuses on how these basic processes affect individuals' well-being and mental health. In practical terms, the project addresses questions pertaining to (a) the fostering of cohesion and trust in groups, (b) the promotion of effective leadership, role modelling and change management, and (c) the reduction of psychological costs associated with identity change and loss.