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Workplace Bullying and Harassment in Britain with Special Reference to Race and Ethnicity

How prevalent is workplace bullying and harassment in Britain? What factors lie behind patterns of bullying and harassment, and is racism one of these factors? Almost all data on these topics are collected using self-completion questionnaires distributed through organisations (particularly trade unions). Such samples do not represent the population, and may over-estimate the prevalence of bullying and harassment because those who feel they have been victims are more likely to respond. Recently, nationally-representative data on perceptions of bullying and harassment have been gathered using face-to-face interviews but there have been no studies of the behaviours which underlie these perceptions.

This project will fill the gap with a large national survey of negative behaviours in the workplace. Combining its findings with past research will tell us about negative behaviour, how people make sense of it and how they choose to react to it. In order to illuminate the context and meaning of these findings, the investigators will use qualitative case studies of organizations to explore the correlates, effects and causes of the experiences captured by the survey. The case studies will pay particular attention to racial factors and they will allow the researchers to explore the policy implications of their research.

mp3 Trouble at work

Interviewee: Ralph Fevre Date: 25 October 2012 Audio/video recording

mp3 Trouble at work

Interviewee: Ralph Fevre Date: 25 October 2012 Audio/video recording

Trouble at work

Interviewee: Ralph Fevre Date: 30 July 2012 Audio/video recording