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The Governance of Clean Development: CDM and beyond

Energy is clearly pivotal to development. Yet meeting the development needs of the majority of the world’s people in a carbon-constrained world presents a global challenge of staggering proportions. What is the role of institutions and policy processes in reconciling the growing levels of demand for energy investment in rapidly industrialising countries, with the goal of clean development aimed at facilitating a transition to a lower carbon economy?

This issue goes to the heart of this ESRC Climate Change Leadership Fellowship. The programme of work will explore the conditions in which the governance context nationally and internationally helps to determine (i) the nature, scale and direction of investment flows in the clean development sector (within and beyond the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism) and (ii) the extent to which those flows are able to simultaneously satisfy social as well as environmental ends. The work will be undertaken over 3 years in Argentina, India and South Africa and includes a PhD studentship, visiting fellowships for academics from those countries, a postgraduate conference and training workshops and outreach events with a range of policymakers. The programme aims to contribute to this critical policy debate as well as generate new empirical material and theoretical innovation in the areas of climate policy and environmental governance more broadly.