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Risk Perception, Climate Change and Public Engagement

Recent policy and climate science developments, coupled with major media coverage, suggest that public understandings of climate change are likely to be in a process of transition. Understanding what people think about climate change is an important prerequisite for developing better communication and dialogue between the science community, policy makers and various sectors of the public. This Fellowship aims to investigate (a) the extent to which public perceptions of climate change and its risks are indeed changing (or not) in both the UK and internationally and (b) to provide recommendations for risk communication and public engagement about climate change risks. The research will use a variety of methods including: development of a comprehensive database of all known past and contemporary UK and international studies of public perceptions of climate change, comparative analysis of that database, and interviews with key stakeholders in climate policy. A linked PhD student will also conduct a parallel secondary qualitative data analysis project looking at how lay talk and beliefs about climate change have changed over the past 25 years. A major international workshop will also be organised in 2010 on the topic of 'Climate Change Perceptions, Risk Communication and Public Engagement'.