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Personalisation of learning: constructing an interdisciplinary research space

  • Start date: 01 December 2006
  • End date: 31 July 2007

The focus of this research is the personalisation of learning using digital artefacts with adult learners who work across contexts and organisations. The user groups will also include people who are educators/trainers/teachers working across professional and industry settings.

People engage with personalisation of leisure technologies (eg phones, mobile music, and multimedia) to a greater extent than they do with learning technologies. Personalisation here is taken as an indicator of engagement and, more significantly, purposeful adaptation. The research therefore focuses on the possibilities for enhancing learning by understanding technology design and practices which encourage engagement and personalisation. It will explore

  • What can personalisation activity tell us about the construction of learning identities and the design of technology to enhance learning?
  • What constitutes a lifelong and life-wide context for learning about and from personalisation?

The project team comprises researchers from a range of subject areas: social sciences, education, computer science, informatics, and business. While the diversity of the team aims to highlight the benefits of interdisciplinarity when approaching research in TEL, at the same time, in recognition of the complexities of working together, the project will use the interdisciplinary workings of the team as a parallel setting for exploration.

  • Outputs (4)