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Merging cognition and technology to enhance learning in the field

Academic and professional organisations are involved in teaching and learning through the use of fieldwork. Fieldwork is costly in both time and financial resources and there is thus a concern to maximise its productivity. An important aspect of fieldwork learning is the visualisation of the environment under circumstances different to those in which it is visited – for example a river channel visualised under flood conditions. There is enormous potential for mobile technology to deliver such visualisations to the learner in the field. However, experience suggests that the learning experience is easily hampered by difficulties of interaction with unfamiliar devices and interfaces.

This project drew together geographers, cognitive psychologists and learning technologists to address how most effectively to deliver appropriate visualisation in the field. An advisory group established learning objectives for landscape visualisation and a fieldwork activity was developed for geography fieldwork students. The learning technologist and cognitive psychologists together assessed the student learning process in the field. Their commentary was reported back to the advisory group. Technical reports have been developed on students' experiences using technology-enhanced fieldwork materials and a research agenda developed with broader application to maximising the productivity of learners’ time in the field.

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