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Mixed Media Grid

  • Start date: 01 May 2005
  • End date: 30 April 2008

MiMeG: The Mixed Media Grid is a node of the National Centre for e-Social Science, coordinated by Dr. Mike Fraser at the University of Bristol, and involving researchers in computer science, information services, along with specialists in video based field studies of social interaction and of education across the University of Bristol and King's College London.

The node's primary goal is to generate tools and techniques for social scientists to collaboratively analyse audio-visual qualitative data and related materials over the Grid. The node focuses on understanding current analytic practice, and applying this understanding to develop interfaces and infrastructures for collaborative research. Building on the emerging successes of the ESRC VidGrid pilot project in e-social science, the strategy includes three key features:

  1. Understanding analytic practice: the node focuses on understanding collaborative social scientific analysis;
  2. Developing Grid technologies to support collaboration: the consortium has a strong track record of developing distributed technologies and collaborative interfaces;
  3. Building capacity across the social sciences: the consortium has a key role in deploying, disseminating, and working with a range of social science programmes to promote understanding and use of e-research technologies.
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