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Farmers' Understandings of Genetically Modified Crops within Local Communities

This research investigates the attitudes, intentions and practices of farmers regarding the new technology of Genetically Modified Herbicide Tolerant (GMHT) crops, in relation to their social setting. Interviews with farmers with and without experience of growing GMHT crops either alone or with someone else, mapping techniques to capture farmers’ views and workshops with members of their local community, are used to:

  1. Explore how farmers construct their understandings of GMHT crops through their interactions with others, in particular family members, neighbouring farmers, seed companies, farming advisors and the local community;
  2. Ascertain the acceptability to farmers (both those with experience of GMHT crops and those without) of recommended management practices for GMHT crops used in the Farm Scale Evaluation (FSEs); and
  3. Develop models of social learning systems appropriate to support individual farmers within informal social settings who decide to adopt contentious new technologies such as GMHT crops.

The results of these analyses will inform discussions with stakeholders throughout the project on the most appropriate ways to manage a new farming technology where the likely impacts are unclear or contested by different groups. It also helps to identify the most important relationships to foster in such social learning systems.

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