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A Comparative Analysis of Recent French and British Riots

A planned series of three workshops will bring together French and British academics to discuss the recent riots in the French banlieues and the corresponding disorders that occurred in former textile towns and cities of northern England in mid-2001. British attempts to analyse and remedy the underlying causes of the riots in Bradford, Burnley, Leeds and Oldham constitute a potentially valuable resource for French academics, practitioners and policy makers. In turn, the French experience provides a fertile basis on which to re-apply, test out and enhance existing British theories and policies. The primary aims of the workshops will be to -

  • Exchange information, develop theory and formulate just and sensible social policy
  • Instigate novel forms of research collaboration that will endure beyond the lifetime of the series.

The workshops will take place in Sheffield, Paris and Birmingham between February and September 2007. A core group of fourteen academics will be joined by occasional guest speakers. The latter will include academic colleagues engaged in relevant research in Germany and Holland, police officers and Gendarmerie with direct experience of the riots, and practitioners responsible for formulating and implementing social policy in the aftermath of the British disorders.


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