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Multiple Exclusion Homelessness Across the UK: A Quantitative Survey

The overall aim of this research is to provide a statistically robust account of the nature and patterns of 'Multiple Exclusion Homelessness' (MEH) across the UK. The specific research questions are:

  • What is the degree and nature of overlap between the various deeply socially excluded groups that may also experience homelessness? 
  • What is the view of those affected by MEH about the relative importance of the different difficulties they face?
  • To what extent are there similar or different 'routes in' to specific manifestations of MEH? 
  • What is the role of material deprivation in generating MEH?
  • What role is played by social and psychological factors in generating MEH? 
  • Does the nature of MEH vary geographically?

The research comprises a multi-stage, quantitative survey in six research locations across the UK. The first stage will involve drawing a representative sample of 'low threshold' services working with people experiencing deep social exclusion in each of these research locations. The second stage will comprise a 'census' self-completion survey of users of these services over a two-week 'time window'. The third stage will be to conduct follow-up extended interviews with 400 respondents who have experienced MEH.

Further information

Contact: Prof Suzanne Fitzpatrick

ESRC contact: Liz Grassby