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Managing money, debt and gambling: an in-depth exploration of the relationship between money and gambling behaviour

The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), in collaboration with Prof Gerda Reith of Glasgow University and Prof Jim Orford of Birmingham University, has been awarded a grant to explore the relationship between money, debt and gambling.

The project, which is being led by NatCen, the largest independent social research organisation in Britain, will focus on the complex relationship between gamblers and their financial management strategies.

The study involves conducting 45 in-depth qualitative interviews with a range participants who report having a problem with gambling to a greater or lesser degree and who vary in terms of how much debt they report.

The research will also use quantitative analysis of existing data sets, both to feed into the interviews and to further explore the key themes that emerge during the project. The results of this research will be useful to policy makers, regulators and people who help those who have problems with gambling. It is being supported by the Gambling Commission and GamCare, the leading national authority on the provision of advice, practical help, support and counselling in addressing the social impact of gambling.