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Learning and Research for Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems by both Farmers and Scientists

  • Start date: 01 September 2004
  • End date: 31 August 2005

The efficiency and productivity of sustainable agro-ecosystems depends on the ability of both farmers and scientists to adapt knowledge to specific agro-ecological, social and economic contexts. The challenge for sustainable agricultural research is to develop knowledge that can be used to adapt farming to local specificity and ecology. This research will explore how farmers learn, make decisions, benchmark and carry out their own informal experimentation to find the system that meet their needs and their local ecological context. The research will also examine how researchers can examine whole systems and how farmers and researchers can collaborate.

This requires greater understanding amongst scientists and between scientists and farmers, recognising each other's strengths and weaknesses and finding ways of working together. This interdisciplinary subject will be examined by a team of social, environmental and biological researchers, examining ten cases of farmer researcher collaboration with the aim of identifying good practice in interdisciplinary research on agro ecosystems in UK agriculture. At the same time this collaborative project will build the capacity of individual researchers involved.

  • Outputs (5)