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Angling in the Rural Environment: Social, Economic, Ecological and Geomorphological Interactions

  • Start date: 01 March 2006
  • End date: 31 May 2009

This project takes angling and the angling community as a lens to explore the scales at which interrelated processes act upon the rural environment. Interdisciplinary teams - drawing upon different perspectives of rural economic and social development, aesthetics of the environment, geomorphological processes and biodiversity conservation - investigate key intersections within the practice of sustainable development in river catchments.

The Rivers Esk, Swale and Ure in Yorkshire UK are the study areas. Importantly, they have a range of fishing types and practices, different land uses, problems of siltation and key biodiversity species, and they also come under the remit of several rural and environmental development agencies. Regulatory change planned through the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and changes in delivery of rural services (Haskins Report) make the river catchment an appropriate scale of study for policy development and end users' needs. Continuing dialogue with river catchment stakeholders combined with the collection and analysis of empirical data will help to critique and inform the process of change.