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Brazilian manufacturing in the face of Chinese competition: economic restructuring, competitiveness and employment

The project analyses the implications of the growth of Chinese exports to Latin America for the Brazilian manufacturing sector. First it will consider the extent to which Chinese products have substituted for Brazilian imports from other countries or have displaced local producers. It will also consider the types of goods that are being imported from China in terms both of their end use (capital goods, parts and components, final consumer goods) and technology level. Second, it will analyse competition between Chinese and Brazilian goods in other Latin American countries which constitute the main market for Brazilian manufactured exports particularly of more high technology products, again identifying the industries and products most affected.

In addition to identifying the industries most at risk from Chinese competition, the study will then analyse the impacts of China on a number of key performance indicators, particularly productivity, prices, employment and wages.

The study will provide a clearer picture of the impacts of Chinese competition on Brazilian manufacturing, helping policy-makers identify the industries most affected and those which have benefitted from access to low cost Chinese products. It will also provide an estimate of the employment impacts associated with imports from China.