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Exchanging Data and Skills on 'Place Inequality': A UK-Brazilian Collaboration

'Place inequalities' are variations from place to place within states in the availability of public services to citizens (sometimes described as 'postcode lotteries'). Both Brazil and the UK are (part-)decentralised states in which there are significant place inequalities, around which there have developed different kinds of debate: in Brazil on how inequalities can be limited through resource allocation and equalisation mechanisms; and in the UK on what citizens think about variations in services from place to place.

This collaboration - between networks led at the University of Edinburgh, UK and the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil - is based on a simple premise. Brazilian and UK research communities each have areas of expertise that are less well developed in the other research community.

The collaboration is designed to exchange the expertise that UK researchers have in exploring citizen understandings of place inequality with the expertise Brazilian researchers have in measuring the effects of equalisation policies. It will raise mutual awareness of the types of data needed to explore particular aspects of place inequality, and exchange expertise in the methods of analysis of that data through a structured programme of exchange over twelve months involving both senior and early career researchers.