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Changing Lives and Times: Relationships and Identities Through the Lifecourse

‘Timescapes’ is a large scale, five-year study designed to shed light on the dynamics of personal relationships over their life course, the identities that flow from those relationships and the impact these have on life chances and well being.
The innovative research design links micro and macro processes and is multi-disciplinary, incorporating seven empirical projects in diverse UK geographical and cultural settings. Between them the studies span the life course, documenting lives of children and young people, adults in midlife, and elders.

Conceptually we focus on three Timescapes:

Biographical time - an individual life flowing through the life span.

Generational time, linking people with their own generation, and intergenerational links between parents and children.

Historical time, how people locate themselves in different epochs and in relation to external social events, locally and globally.

Three central strands integrate the project data, theorising and methodological contribution. The first draws the data together to create a 'working archive'. The second fosters re-use and secondary analysis of the data set. The third, knowledge transfer, will report the findings of the research through a range of local, national and international activities, highlighting relevance for policy and practice, and advancing knowledge and understanding of qualitative longitudinal research methods. Collaborating universities: Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London South Bank and the OU.

Further information

Timescapes contact: Prof Bren Neale