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Tackling Ageing Continence through Theory Tools and Technology TACT3

The aim is to reduce the impact of continence difficulties for older people by:

Raising awareness of continence issues
Improving understanding of treatment services
Improving toilet provision for older people
Providing assistive devices for older people with continence disability 

The work is in four sections 

  1. Project management will make sure that the views of all the people affected by continence issues are heard and ensure that the devices developed through this research are commercialised
  2. Investigating continence care. If specialist continence care is significantly better than standard continence care? Exploring the views of patients, family and healthcare professionals, the advantages of specialist continence care and barriers to seeking treatment will be investigated.
  3. Investigating the problems older people have finding and using toilets when they are away from home.  Exploring challenges facing toilet providers. Designing public toilets that would better suit the needs of older adults.
  4. Developing two products that have been requested by continence pad users:
  • urine odour detector that will warn that the pad needs changing before any odour is detected by the human nose.
  • smart underwear that will detect a pad leak immediately, giving warning before the leak spreads to outer clothes.
Public toilets

Speaker: Jo-Anne Bichard Date: 17 July 2012 Presentation/lecture


Contributor: Gail Knight Date: 04 July 2012 Other publication/report