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Young and old

The generation gap

The last few years are unlikely to be remembered for a great change in inequality between rich and poor - the real story has been the divergent experiences of young and old.

Baby in sling

Journey of a refugee

Sixty million people around the world are currently displaced by war, conflict or persecution, a UN report has revealed. According to Professor Derek McGhee at the ESRC Centre for Population Change, the causes behind such a massive displacement are complex.

ESRC website 1996

When ESRC went online

In June 1996 ESRC took the leap online by launching its first website - see how it has developed through the years.


Mapping business innovation in the UK

Most business innovation in clusters from Cambridge to Oxfordshire and South West England - but London not as innovative as thought, according to ERC report.

Traditional net fishing

Helping ecosystems by tackling taboos

Focusing on purely 'win-win' scenarios in ecosystem management is tempting, but difficult trade-offs have to be negotiated, according to ESPA research.


Involving people with dementia in research

While the ongoing Dementia Awareness Week is highlighting the challenges of the condition, new participants are signing up to a major ESRC-funded dementia research project.

Life Study Centre launch

First Life Study Centre opened

Actor Meera Syal CBE and the Mayor of Redbridge, Councillor Ashley Kissin, opened the first Life Study Centre at King George Hospital, Ilford on 19 March 2015.

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