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Education and the 'London effect'

The 'London effect' of increased pupil performance is caused by the capital's ethnic mix, argues Professor Simon Burgess.

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A nudge in the right direction

Behavioural economics can effect small changes in the way people act. But does it work in tackling big societal issues?

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Going for growth: how small businesses succeed

The Enterprise Research Centre works to discover what drives the growth of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). What makes them successful, who are today's entrepreneurs and what can government and providers of finance do to make more SMEs more successful?

Secondary data

New impacts from 'old' data

A new leaflet is highlighting research impacts from the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative, ranging from childcare to car use.


Exploring child's play

A review of past and ongoing research into children's play, co-funded by the ESRC with Unilever, has explored issues around various types of play.

Young and old

The generation gap

The last few years are unlikely to be remembered for a great change in inequality between rich and poor - the real story has been the divergent experiences of young and old.

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Journey of a refugee

Sixty million people around the world are currently displaced by war, conflict or persecution, a UN report has revealed. According to Professor Derek McGhee at the ESRC Centre for Population Change, the causes behind such a massive displacement are complex.

ESRC website 1996

When ESRC went online

In June 1996 ESRC took the leap online by launching its first website - see how it has developed through the years.

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