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Britain in 2015Britain in 2015, the ESRC's annual flagship magazine, is on sale from 26 November 2014.

Britain in 2015 showcases the breadth of research that we fund through 132 pages of news, opinions and features from influential academics, journalists and opinion-formers. It covers a range of social science issues important for the public, politicians, policymakers and the media.

The ESRC celebrates its 50th year in 2015 and to mark this occasion we reflect on some of the key achievements of social science over the past 50 years. We also look at issues that researchers have highlighted as particular concerns for 2015.

Among the features this year:

  • As the dust settles after the momentous referendum on Scotland's independence we evaluate what the results mean
  • How is the NHS faring in the face of structural reforms, austerity pressures, costly medical advances and more people living longer?
  • Unless growth is very strong, achieving deficit reduction at the speed that all political parties are promising will be painful
  • Real wages continue to fall and the prospect of significant increases for typical workers remain bleak. Whose salary is shrinking the most? 
  • Can we learn lessons from the US experience of producing gas by hydraulic fracturing?
  • More of us are living longer; increasing the chance that dementia will affect us in some way – what is being done to meet the challenge?
  • How do our social and political attitudes change over the course of our lives?
  • Bingo has a reputation for being a social game but it’s also big business throughout the world.
  • The UK's turbulent relationships with Europe are changing the UK political landscape - how would the result of a referendum affect the UK’s role on the world stage.

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