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Britain in 2014Britain in 2014, the ESRC's annual flagship magazine, is now on sale.

Britain in 2014 showcases the breadth of research that we fund through 132 pages of news, opinions and features from influential academics, journalists and opinion-formers. It covers a range of social science issues important for the public, politicians, policymakers and the media.

This issue's main feature examines the major changes in British society since the start of the First World War and includes contributions from leading social scientists and commentators who look at the evolution of politics, education, society and state.

Among the features this year:

  • Climate change means fossil fuels are no longer a long-term solution to Britain's energy needs. How will the energy industry adapt?
  • The most recent recession is unusual in that unemployment has not risen dramatically - but this may be masking the fact that more people are working longer for less.
  • What effect will policy changes have on secondary education, and will Britain's young people be better educated as a result?
  • With less than a year to go until the referendum on Scottish independence, there are still multiple economic and social issues to be resolved that will have a significant bearing on the vote.
  • And as UKIP moves from a marginal to potentially mainstream party, will the acceptability of coalition mean four-party politics are the future?
  • What are central banks and financial regulators doing to reduce risk in the financial industry - and how are academics contributing to the debate?
  • Modernisation has brought many benefits to older people including longer life, but how well is Britain coping with the increasing needs of its ageing population?
  • The internet is a powerful force for education and entertainment, but also the arena where disturbing behaviours are becoming more common. What should parents, schools and the police do to stop cyberbullying?

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