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Britain In is our annual flagship magazine. The latest edition, Britain in 2016, was published in November 2015.

Britain in 2016 showcases the breadth of economic and social research that we fund through 132 pages of news, opinions and features from well-known commentators, influential academics, journalists and opinion-formers.

In this issue we look at Britain’s place in today’s world: How is the global power balance changing? What are the new threats to economic and political stability? And what should we be doing to tackle highly complex issues such as the migration crisis in Europe that have their roots and influences in countries thousands of miles away?

At a European level, experts examine the possible outcome of the promised referendum on EU membership and, if the vote is to leave, how Britain’s place in the world could be affected.

Although the recovery from the recession is under way, we are not out of the woods yet. We consider the best funding channels for investors and firms that would deliver investment, innovation and growth. And what investments in skills, infrastructure and innovation are the key ingredients in Britain’s future prosperity?

Green issues have moved lower down the political agenda yet the imperative to find new sources of energy has not gone away. Is the dream of a renewable energy future closer to becoming a reality?

More support is needed for mental health services, particularly for the young. How could customising approaches lead to better outcomes for mental health sufferers?

And, in the new era of data everywhere, we look at how the available data on business, government and society can help businesses become more successful, and society work better.

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Britain in 2016 is available at WH Smith, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Boots.

You can also order a copy by emailing or telephone 01793 444142.

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