We're challenging young people aged 14 to 18 to take a photo which shows 'the bigger picture' of society today, where they live or in the wider world. How do things like politics, education, climate change, healthcare, technology, migration and poverty affect them or others? 

Social science studies all aspects of society and influences our social, economic and political lives both now and in the future. From big ideas to the most detailed observations, social science affects us all every day - at work, in school or college, within our communities, when exploring our identities and expressing our beliefs.

The competition is an ideal opportunity to bring social sciences to the classroom, engaging young people creatively and encouraging them to explore the relevance of social sciences to their lives.

You should encourage your young people to think carefully about the categories they enter, paying particular attention to the title and supporting statement, as this will be considered alongside the photograph. How does the image relate to the brief - have they thought of the social science connection? You may find it useful to look at the ESRC Social Science for Schools resource to help understand the role social science plays in society and how it influences decisions. The inspiration section provides a taste of social science research and how we illustrate our stories.

Prizes will be awarded to winning photographers and their school or youth group.