Since 2005, the ESRC has committed approximately £40 million to development research, leveraging an additional £160 million from DFID and other funders, including other UK Research Councils.

Our ESRC-DFID joint schemes fund world-class research on a broad range of topics to enhance the quality and impact of social science, and contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and their successors. A key feature of these initiatives is that they are open to research organisations from anywhere in the world as bid leaders.

Report of the ESRC Expert Advisory Group on International Development

In late 2013 we convened an Expert Advisory Group to consider our future priorities in international development research. Addressing the challenges outlined in the resultant report will require the full range of social science disciplines, as well as further engagement between the social, natural and physical sciences. In order to meet these challenges we aim to maintain and develop our outstanding working relationship with DFID, but also seek out new partnerships and collaborations. Through this we hope to continue to deliver research which has far-ranging and diverse impacts on the research community, on policymakers and practitioners, and on the lives of poor people in some of the world’s poorest countries.