The Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN) is a UK-wide partnership between universities, government departments and agencies, national statistics authorities, the third sector, funders and researchers.

ADRN consists of the Administrative Data Service which coordinates four Administrative Data Research Centres, all at different locations across the UK:

We help accredited researchers carry out social and economic research using linked, de-identified administrative data – information which is routinely collected by government organisations.

We make sure any information which directly identifies people (such as names and addresses) is removed from the data before any research is done.

An Approvals Panel examines every research proposal thoroughly. Once they give their approval, the data custodian has to agree to share its data before the research can go ahead.

We provide a secure environment for the researcher to work in. They can’t take any data out of this safe setting, and our staff will scrutinise their results before publication to make sure they are relevant to the project and don’t disclose any information about individuals.