Millennium Cohort Study

This newer study asks comparable questions to previous studies, so that change between cohorts may be recorded, but innovations are included which ensure that the millennium cohort is not just a carbon copy of its predecessors. It collects data on those born throughout the 12 months starting in mid-2000, and includes the whole of the UK for the first time. The sampling is stratified to ensure regional representation. There is more emphasis on collecting data about fathers' involvement in parenting than for the older cohorts, and more questions about the family's social context, with at least some linkage to information about the local area.

The survey for the first sweep began in June 2001 and gathered information from the parents of 18,818 babies born in the UK over a 12-month period and living in selected UK wards at age 9 months. The second survey took place when the children were aged 3. The Age 5 survey went into the field at the beginning of 2006, and was completed in 2007. The MCS4 survey took place during 2008 when the cohort members were aged 7.

For further information visit the Millennium Cohort Study website or see our information on the Centre for Longitudinal Studies.