RSS feeds

RSS iconYou can use our RSS feeds to keep track of regularly updated online content such as news items and funding opportunities. The feeds allow you to see new content without having to visit our website.

To find out more about RSS feeds, visit the whatisrss website.

Our standard RSS feeds

Create your own RSS feeds

Our RSS feed works on the same principle as the ESRC standard search. This means that it is flexible and completely customisable to your needs. All of our search data is available for use as an RSS feed.

Using our custom RSS feed, it is possible for you to produce RSS feeds on research topics, specific grants or research outputs. If you are a grant holder, you can create an RSS feed of all of your ESRC grants and submitted research for reuse on your own website.

For example:

A more complex RSS feed might look like:

This URL would produce an RSS feed that displays the first page of results for 'climate change' where tab (type) is outputs, content type is journal articles, publication date is between 2007 and 2011 and the discipline is 'economics'.